Top 5 affiliate networks


Skip this part if you already know what an affiliate network is but for those of who that don’t. According to Investopedia an affiliate network involves third parties that provide links between publishers and a company that allows publishers to locate and join affiliate programs. Now you’re ready to enjoy the list of the top 10 affiliate networks existing today.

First up we got Clickbank. This is one of the more popular ones in terms of affiliates as apposed to the vendors themselves. Clickbank’s enormous community helps make it a great place to get started with being an a affiliate. You’ll have a ton of other people on the journey with you that can help you out in finding the right things to promote. It’s a well organized website and very simple so its easy for beginners to find their way around.

Second is Rakuten Linkshare. We’ve seen some great things come from the users of this one and that’s mainly due to the rather low population of users. Unlike Clickbank, it’s much harder to get into Linkshare. They don’t just let anyone in so they have some real great offers coming in all the time.

affiliate-networksNext up is the Amazon. This is an extremely familiar brand known by many and this is mainly because they offer good deals online and having been doing so for a number of years. Which makes Amazon a great place to become an affiliate because it already has the proof that they not what they’re doing which brings comfort knowing if they’re doing something right, they can help you do the same.

Coming in at number 4 is Ebay which to most people is surprising because they aren’t aware that it is an affiliate network. It’s fairly popular in terms of members and they offer a wider variety of offers that surely will cater to all people in come way.

Lastly in our countdown we have onedirectnetwork. A great network with a decent size of members. The simple layout and design of their site offers easy access. However the company itself has faced a few setbacks within the year but nevertheless still a good network to be apart of.

Now that you know the top 5 affiliate networks you can go ahead and take the initiative of signing up and promoting some offers to help get other people just like yourself get off the ground and over the hump.